The right kind of music for the right occasion


Have you ever walked in to a party and feel like the music is not so good in there?  I think we all have felt that somewhere in our life and it’s not even the case of our music taste is far off the fence of what’s acceptable as good music. It’s simply because some people who provide music do not really know to coordinate the event along with the music they use. There have been couple of instances where I went to engagement ceremonies of my friends and the music they played in the function were songs where people cried over break up or kept missing another person while the rest of the songs were gangster type songs.


Some people clearly need to draw a line between what suits and which event prior to playing these. Although as guests we might not really mind whatever the music is played as long as we go there to celebrate the happiness of our friends but imagine you take a video clip and few months or years down the line noticing that the background music playing off the wedding clip is some Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne weeping over a lost boyfriend. Well at least for me, I wouldn’t find it fancy. So here you go with some quick tips to finding the right kind of music for your wedding or any occasion that you hold.


Figure out the occasion type


The first thing to do is to figure out what kind of an event you are going to hold. If it’s something like an engagement, then you know most of the songs to be played at the beginning are to be love songs and if it’s something a birthday party, you could go ahead playing some casual music at first and save the dancing hits to the end. If it’s something like a random get together, keep the songs to more of classics, soft and country music which creates a much calm environment for everyone.


Find out the audience type


Then find out the kind of people who will be in your event. If it’s a birthday party you throw with your friends, you would know the kind of music they prefer. Sometimes it doesn’t always have to be the music that you truly enjoy but when you hold an event the guest comes first and you have to make sure that they are a having a good time.


Choose great hits


There are great hits of all time from 70s onwards that we still would like to hear and dance so find some good music that people can truly enjoy. There can be songs that are in top 10 for your playlist but if they don’t suit the occasion, I advise you don’t play them.


These are some of the ways that you can decide what songs to pick according to the audience and occasion to avoid any disappointment that you’ll cause to your guests.

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