How fairy-tale movies can be good


I have seen so many memes on Facebook saying “Still a better love story than Twilight” and adding images that are not quite relatable. This is done wholly for the purpose of giving a good laugh around to people but then again I also feel that each post created could also make an impression of such drama movies can be stupid. People have either become too theoretical to not be able to enjoy what artists have imagined and put into a piece of movie. It doesn’t always have to be a story that has real world problems, practical situations. Then it will rather not be called a movie but be called “just another day of your life.”  People don’t go to theatres only to see what you and I go through in life every single day.


What if you go watch a movie where someone who goes to work, comes home late, at a stretch and then go out with friends during the weekend then go back to the same routine? I bet no one would like it. People like something new, something that is relatable but entertaining at the same time. People truly enjoy good music that’s being played in the movies and tracks that create the mood in the viewers. Although people blame fairy-tale movies so much, I genuinely believe that they come out with really good morals to you and me both. Also these kinds of movies can be great for kids for they bring up a lot of good things to them as well.


Evil never wins


In many movies like Harry potter, twilight, lion king it truly shows that the evil can beat you down at one point but they will never win. You know in life, you can really go through situations where you feel like nothing goes your way and whoever that does bad still wins and it actually happens in movies but one  thing fairy tales teach us is to never lose hope, faith and lose what we believe in as the evil will lose eventually.


True love can be anywhere


Frozen shows us that true love is not only found in your opposite sex partner but it can also be found in your own parents and siblings. It’s not when you fall hard for another person but that’s when you truly bond with a person who means the world to you.  Sleeping beauty shows that you don’t always have run behind to find your true love for that can come to you.


I feel that fairy tales have taught me to believe in myself to work hard and to know how to work for what you want and also wait for what you deserve and never settle for less. It’s all about what you need to see in a movie and how you interpret it.

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