How dancing keeps you happy


I have always loved dancing personally since I was a kid. My parents had always told me to show how I dance and I have never been ashamed to be the spotlight among a crowd. I have been tapping my hand since I was around eight to nine months and that’s how everyone knew I sure was in love with both music and dancing. We all have a unique preference in appreciating true arts of nature and it could be dancing, singing, playing instrument, acting, modelling or any other form that admire the different aesthetics of nature.


This read is specifically for those who enjoy dancing and to tell how it can help you stay happy and healthy on an everyday basis. We have seen so many people who enjoy watching dancing shows on the television and even how crazy these amazingly talented dancing videos get viral on social media networks. You might be someone who loves dancing or someone who enjoy seeing other people dance; either way this article will help you get out there to swing your body a bit more because it could definitely do great things to your heart, body and mind. Here are some of the things that you can feel and gain by getting out there by tapping some feet to the beat.


Maintain figure


When you do different moves in an everyday basis, with twists and turns it helps to shape up your body, waist and hips. Although you just enjoy dancing to the beat this could automatically work as an exercise to your body and help you keep it in good shape. You may have seen the bodies of those who dance at a regular basis. Any person who does dancing professionally will do few stretching and warming up exercises prior to dancing and these also help not  only burn fat or calories but this also helps you curve up where you need bends in your body.


Boost memory


When you dance a lot, it also works in improving your brain capacity. You might know that the veins that directly connect to your brain come straight to your feet. This is why people go for foot massages to stimulate their blood circulation and by dancing you do a lot of movements using your feet and this will help stimulate your brain.


Reduce stress


Just like how it feels when you listen to music, dancing also helps you transfer your focus into some other area which will help you freshen up your mind.


These are only few of the amazing benefits that dancing can give you but it can also work as meditation for you. Why be a potato couch? Go ahead and swing your body a bit and see results for yourself.

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