Career as a part of the entertainment industry


Most people talk high of doctors, engineers and lawyers and of course I have no objection in that but I ever see a lot of people truly appreciating talents of musicians, actors and directors of good aesthetics in the entertainment industry. This could be simply because people see a lot of theoretical learning that has to go in and effort to be put in to being one of those professions as they definitely spend quite a long time in the universities learning so much to come to the position they aspire to be. Although people would not admit this as much, I truly believe that even people who are a part of the entertainment industry creating good music, movies and entertainment artwork for us must also be appreciated the same.


Not everyone who leap into the entertainment industry run behind money and fame. There can be people stepping in, wholly because of those two aspects but even if that’s their intention, I still don’t see a reason why people should be blaming them because I never see anyone blaming an engineer for running behind good contracts that reap them goo profits or doctors charging so much for surgeries that require a lot of expert knowledge. In true aspect everyone runs behind money but in my opinion, the smart will remain to make that whole run worthwhile by learning something new every step of the way.


There can be so many singers, lyrics writers, instrument players but among all of them, there are always those who learn something new, new techniques to keep them better than others. If you think of a person in the corporate sector, they will keep learning and collecting international or globally recognized qualifications to make themselves be able to market their corporate identity more and similarly, if you look at an actor or singer, they will keep growing, trying to make movies or music with people across boundaries to get that skill and exposure to breaking those conventional fences.


It’s not easy to make people realize that each person does some kind of work to make a living and as long as they don’t harm anyone; whatever job they do should be respected. Not everyone has the same brain capacities, skills or talents and each one of them should be truly appreciated for what they hold and born with. If everyone should end up being doctors then who will ever cut their hair? If everyone wanted to be engineers, who will provide them great movies to watch with their families? So people need to understand this perspective a bit better and start seeing whatever career opportunity; either big or small to respected equally.


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